Manchester United?

Manchester United? 

*will copy Alfredo Di Stefano’s words* 

“Manchester United,It is a feeling”

A feeling ? Well It is more than a feeling for me.I am here in New Delhi,India.Maybe You are also from New Delhi,Or Mumbai or Kolkata or Chennai or Bangalore or Pune or Beijing or Shangai or Tokyo or Seoul or Sydney Or Melbourne or Los Angeles or Seattle or San Fransisco or Las Vegas or Houston or Austin or Detroit or Milwaukee or Washington DC or ‘The City that never sleeps’ or Toronto or Ottawa or Montreal or Calgary or Vancouver or Mexico City or Guadalajara or Jamaica or Rio Or Sao Paulo or Brasilla or Buenos Aires or Santiago or Bogota or Cape Town Or Johannesburg or Addis Ababa or Kampala or Cairo Or Algiers Or Dubai or Abu Dhabi or Tel Aviv or Tunis or Istanbul or Rekjyaviyk or Stockholm or Copanhagen or Paris or Marseille or Lyon or Nice or Monaco or Cannes or Lisbon or Rome or Milan or Turin or Florence or Naples or Madrid Or Barcelona or Seville or Zaragoza or Munich or Berlin or Stuttgart or Hamburg or Warsaw or Salzburg or Vienna or Bratislava or Zagreb or Belgrade or Prague or Bucharest or Kiev or Donestk or Kharkiv or Moscow or St Petersburg or Vladivostok and all the way to Old,Trafford,Manchester,England

*i know its getting boring but please bear with me and don’t stop reading plox*

Do you know what is common among the   mouth-full of cities I named above? Us,The Red Devils.Divided by Countries,Flags,Armies,Political-Randirona but United by Manchester United.All of us with a dream of visiting the Theatre of Dreams watching our beloved team play. 

The Reason that I am a Red Devil today is the sense of brotherhood,A sense of brotherhood which I wouldn’t have been able to feel or express if I were a fan of another team,which I couldn’t even imagine for one fucking pico-second of my life.

What makes Manchester United the best in my eyes? 

The appeal,the never ending,die hard attitude that is embedded in each and every member of the club and everyone attached to it.Even though we all are separated miles apart,but on every matchday,we wear the Man Utd Top with Pride,Sing he famous Man Utd Chants in a menancholy chorus,covered under only one flag,THE RED FLAG OF MANCHESTER UNITED,For those moments,It unites Hundreds of Thousands of Millions of us from our mind,our soul,our heart for those countless moments,We become ONE.United under the Colours Of Manchester United,no matter what the colour of our skins maybe,but during these moments,Our Veins carry the Red Of Manchester,Our Mind and mouth etches to scream “UNITED UNITED UNITED”and that is what it makes this club not one of the biggest but THE BIGGEST CLUB,period. 

This is the reason that I ain’t a cule or madridista or scouser or gooner or toffee or hammer 

My name is Pratyush Anand,A Proud Red Devil for more than 10 years out of 18 *my present age nqat*,ready to ride with the club to all the new heights and lows and supporting it “till my bones collapse,till my legs give up” *Yes Yes I quoted Eminem’s Till I Collapse there*

Supporting the club till the last drop of blood remaining in my body 

I just cannot imagine my penniless,fucked up,diabolic life without Manchester United…​


“We are the famous Man United And We Are Going To Wembley”